Pearl and Hermes Atoll Tour

(click on the picture below for a tour of 8 panoramas)

Pearl and Hermes sits over a thousand miles west of Honolulu in the central northern Pacific Ocean.  It’s one of several islands encompassed in the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument established in 2006.  Most of the remaining critically endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals live in these waters, as do threatened Green Sea Turtles and thousands of other endemic marine species.  Sea birds nest on bits of land that stick above the water, including several species of endangered albatross.  These islands are also covered in marine debris that washes ashore from the Pacific Trash Gyre located just north.  Chemicals in plastic debris can poison the birds when they unknowingly ingest it and entanglement in abandoned fishing nets poses a serious threat to the turtles and seals.

Use the map and hotspots in this tour to navigate eight panoramas around the atoll and experience the animals, marine debris, and clear waters found there.  To see the Monk Seal Research Field Camp, check out a different tour found here.

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