Crawler Transporter Tour

(click on the picture below for a tour of 4 panoramas)

The Crawler Transporters carried the 8.2 million pound Mobile Launch Platform and the 2.7 million pound Space Shuttle stack at a speed of 1 mph on the 3.5 mile journey to the launch pads.  Two Crawlers were delivered to Kennedy Space Center in 1965 and have driven a total of 3,400 miles in the years since as part of both the Apollo and Shuttle programs.  They remain the world’s largest self-powered vehicles.  Current upgrades will allow this Crawler, CT-2, to carry NASA’s new SLS rocket to Launch Pad 39B starting in 2017.

Explore four panoramas in this tour: external views from in front and underneath and internal views of the engine room and the driver’s cab, all taken while parked in the VAB during upgrades.

Photo above courtesy of NASA from the roll-out of STS-114.

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