Astronaut Crew Quarters

(click on the picture below for a tour of 11 panoramas)

Located on the top floor of the Operations and Checkout building at Kennedy Space Center, these Astronaut Crew Quarters were first used for Gus Grissom and John Young before the launch of Gemini 3 in 1965.  The facility contains bedrooms for the astronauts and their support crew, a kitchen to feed them all, conference rooms, a medical clinic, gym and office space, all used in the days leading up to a launch.  The most recognizable areas are the Suit-Up Room where astronauts were dressed for launch and the Dining Room where they did pre-flight press conferences.

Follow internal links and/or use the provided map to explore these eleven connected panoramas, most showing facilities rarely seen before and totally off-limits to visitors during the active Shuttle Program.

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