Follow the tabs above to various gigapixel panoramic projects that I’m working on.  Use interactive links inside of the tours to move between different connected images or gather background information.  On portable devices, be sure to use the iPhone/iPad tab for special motion-sensitive features.

Highlights include:

Go Inside the Space Shuttle
Go inside the Space Shuttle
Explore Kennedy Space Center
Explore Kennedy Space Center
Walk the Beaches of Pearl and Hermes Atoll
Walk the beaches of Pearl and Hermes
Stand in the Lincoln Memorial or Times Square
Stand with Lincoln or in Times Square
Get Active with you iPhone
Get active with an iPhone or iPad






These and other panoramas have been published with:

National Geographic


Elvis Presley’s Graceland

Gulfstream’s “Nonstop” Magazine, iPad edition

Washington Post


New Mexico Museum of Space History

California Science Center

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex


TED Talks


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